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Successful court reporters and transcriptionists possess the following skills and attributes:

  • court reporting skills according to CSRAO, NCRA, or NVRA standards
  • transcription skills when keyboarding, between 80 and 100 wpm; transcription skills in Stenography, minimum 180 wpm; transcription skills in voice writing, minimum 180 wpm
  • excellent grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation skills
  • exceptional comprehension and listening abilities
  • expert-level knowledge of legal, medical, and technical terminology
  • in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software applications
  • attention to detail
  • dedication to client satisfaction and on-time delivery

StenoTran is constantly working towards the continued advancement of employment opportunities for First Nations people, and we are committed to creating an environment and culture where our staff are engaged and empowered

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding career in court reporting and transcription with a company that is committed to providing quality and value to its customers as well as a commitment to employee development and growth, apply today. We’ll do our best at replying within a few days of receipt.

Good luck!